Alunet BF73 bifold doors – perfect for the trade

If you’re in the trade and looking for a high-performance bifold with all the features and styling homeowners or end-user clients expect, Alunet BF73 bifold doors are ideal. Slim, stylish, reliable and with our excellent product quality, fit and finish, these impressive folding sliding doors meet virtually any customer requirement looking for a new bifolding door. We’ve created this helpful guide, telling you everything you need to know about these modern doors, available from 23 DOORS.

Alunet BF73 bifold doors – the complete bifold and residential door solution

Alunet BF73 bifold doors partially open with wood floor and patio views

You can use Alunet BF73 bifold doors are a great choice for anyone looking to add an elegant and stylish look to their home or office space. These doors come with a variety of features that make them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Designed by Alunet Systems and made by us, these doors come with an excellent range of thermally broken profiles, with a deep thermal break and protective powder coated finish.

Available as open in, or open out bifold doors, the BF73 model starts at two folding panels up to an impressive door set with a maximum of seven. With numerous configurations available, Alunet BF73 bifold doors can fold to one side. We can also design your doors with a set of doors in the middle, opening like a set of French doors with the added feature of folding back on each side, giving the benefit of a bifold on warmer days.

Even better, our Alunet BF73 bifold doors designed with a traffic door provide even more benefits. One leaf can open independently either at the end of the door set or further along, working just like a regular door. With bifolds closed during winter, the traffic door enables easy entry and exit. Perfect for letting out a pet, taking out the washing, and opening a door for airflow. And with external external key access, you can even enter your property from the garden.

Creating bold and visually appealing extensions is the option of a fixed or floating corner design as well.

Slimmer than many other bifolds on the market

With an impressive 107mm frame to sash dimension and 120mm at the door mullions, Alunet BF73 bifold doors are slimmer than many other bifold brands.

The mullion dimension are slimmer than Origin, Aluk, Visofold and Reynaers systems, providing your customers with slimmer bifolds at a very attractive price point.

The 120mm mullion dimension provides sleeker-looking doors when closed and allows slightly larger glass sizes for more light and better views.

cross section drawing of Alunet BF73 bifold doors

Create standard or large bifold doors

Giving your homeowner customers total flexibility, the BF73 model replaces any dated patio door with a more modern, stylish and functional alternative. For new build openings, you can design the doors up to maximum panel widths of 1.2m wide and up to an impressive 3.0m high. As a result, these doors meet the requirements of more demanding projects where taller or wider doors are part of the design.

Even better, we can manufacture single and French doors using the same aluminium profiles and hardware. This is an excellent solution where for example, a bifold set in one room sits next to a double door set in a dining room. From the outside, all the doors look exactly the same, even down to the hardware.

Another benefit of using Alunet BF73 bifold doors to create single side, double patio doors or front doors, is the extended size capability is better than standard residential door systems, often limited to around 1000mm wide and 2200mm high. This means a larger door without adding side or top panels.

Excellent security with Alunet BF73 bifold doors

At 23 DOORS, we manufacture the BF73 bifolds using the best possible branded locks, cylinders and other components.

First is the use of Debar hardware for the rollers, guides and intermediate door handles. For the primary leaf, we use the renowned Alulock security kit. AluLock provides peace of mind security starting with a quality euro profile cylinder using the Ultion 3-star barrel, combined with the Sweet Hardware Brisant handle and operating a multipoint lock with double hook locks. This premium hardware offering, combined with fantastic product design and internal glazing beads makes Alunet BF73 bifold doors secure, reliable and dependable.

With the handle being the first point of contact with a bifold, the Brisant Sweet handle features the best possible materials and multiple coatings, designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use and a 10-year guarantee against corrosion. This has an appealing curved design that is also intended to stop tools attacking the handles. Handle colours are available in black, white, stainless steel, chrome or grey with standard and rose gold options too.

The Ultion cylinder is one of the best on the market and comes with its own compensation feature should anyone snap the cylinder during a door break-in. black, white, grey, chrome and stainless steel. Gold and rose gold are also available.

Profiles and accessories for the ideal trade supply bifold door

Alunet BF73 bifold doors come with all manner of enhancements, starting with a standard or low threshold, curved sash option, trickle ventilation to the head, add-on profiles and a complete collection of cills.

Trade and fitter-friendly, our doors come fully fabricated, with the outer frame in easy-to-assemble kit form. Glazing beads, cills, and add-on extension pieces are provided and cut to size. Accompanying your bifold doors is easy to identify component kits and full installation instructions. Alunet BF73 bifold doors also come with an adjustable frame jamb, making final adjustments a breeze.

One of the best features for the trade is the optional adjustable frame jamb, designed to give +/- 4mm of tolerance on either side of the doors during the installation. And it allows further adjustment post-installation should it ever be required in the future. This is an optional feature because our bifolds are already designed and made for easy installation.

Other great features you get with Alunet BF73 bifold doors

Alunet BF73 bifold doors fully open with views of a cut lawn

Low U-Values of 1.4Wm2K depending on the glass specification, PAS 24 Security, 10 year material guarantee, quality glass where supplied and a fantastic range of colours, make Alunet BF73 bifold doors impressive for the trade installer looking for a better and easier bifold door to work with, or anyone looking to buy direct and arrange their own fitting.

Insulated, secure, low-maintenance and designed for slim sightlines, maximum light and an overall fantastic design, our quality-made folding sliding doors enhance any property or commercial installation.

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