Trade supply slim aluminium sliding patio doors

We manufacture our aluminium sliding doors for the trade benefitting from cutting-edge design, profile quality and styling. Create a genuine sense of space with a sliding door, giving you the largest possible glass sizes of any patio door and the least amount of visible aluminium. Thermally insulated aluminium, a premium colour finish, advanced rollers or the best in lift and slide operation promise a spectacular sliding door in any setting.

With some of the slimmest interlocks and top and bottom rails, sliding doors effortlessly connect a room to the outside, made even better with the option of a recessed track. A contemporary solution for the replacement of dated patio doors and cleverly designed to integrate perfectly within a new build opening. Our doors deliver quality, style, functionality and excellent specifications. We custom-make our sliding doors with exceptional quality, promising, reliable, beautiful doors that are also remarkably easy to install.

Advanced Sliding Doors

Expertly manufactured in our modern factory, our trade supply sliding patio doors are ultra-slim, with high specifications.

Contemporary Sliding Doors

Architectural quality profiles, smooth sliding action, thin interlock and advanced engineering.

Bespoke Sliding Doors

Made to measure to your precise sizes, configuration, colour and accessories.

Inline or Lift and Slide

The latest sliding technology, available as inline patio or advanced and lighter lift and slide.

alunet ESS47 aluminium sliding doors in a modern house terrace area

Europa ESS47 slim sliding doors

Made by 23 DOORS for the trade, homeowners looking for their builder to install, property professionals or building contractors, the Europa ESS47 is designed with the very latest sliding door design, quality and specifications. providing a modern patio door solution for any property project. These stylish and feature-packed sliding doors are incredibly flexible too. Available in two, three, four or six panels, and with the capability for all panels to stack neatly together, maximising the available opening. Quality components ensure a smooth sliding action, whilst a choice of tracks gives the option, to choose which panels you slide. And marine quality powder-coated finish also comes as standard

One of the slimmest on the market

With an impressive interlock sightline of just 25mm, Europa ESS47 sliding doors come with similar styling of bonded doors with none of the complexity. The thin profiles and elegant design also extend to the door rails, available at 34mm or 42mm. Overall, these sliding doors promise the styling and quality end-use customers expect and are significantly slimmer than other sliding doors. Combined with our innovative and modern folding sliding system, 23 DOORS provide residential and light commercial property, quality-made patio doors.

alunet black lift and slide doors with a fixed panel in a kitchen.

Sliding doors designed to impress

Minimalist style with optimum functionality. Europa ESS47 sliding doors come as a convenient inline design with the familiar push-pull operation or a lighter lift and slide model, ideal for larger door panels. Even better is the soft-close facility provides convenience for the final closing action and a valuable safety feature.

Secure and Energy Efficient

Europa ESS47 sliding doors comprise high-specification safety glass units, double or triple-glazed. U-Values are as low as 1.5 W/m2K. Smart design keeps these premium sliding doors sealed and weather resistant. For security, doors are tested to PAS24:2016, and Document Q for new build homes with multipoint locking and strong designer handles as standard.

Alunet ESS43 sliding doors in a lounge setting.
Closeup picture of sliver modern sliding door and glass

Key Features

  • Ultra-slim 25mm interlock.
  • Panels up to 2.5m wide and 2.7m high.
  • Track cover adds insulation and water protection.

Choose your sliding door operation

Inline Sliding Door

The familiar inline design with an architectural quality pull handle offers a smooth and reliable sliding action.

  • Ideal for smaller door sets.
  • Convenient push-pull action.
  • Separate locking facility.

Lift & Slide Sliding Door

Lift and Slide provides a lighter action, ideal for larger panels, raising the panel off the track before sliding.

picture of lift and slide black patio doors in a lounge.
  • Can secure the door in the open position.
  • Rotating multifunctional handle.
  • Makes larger doors easier to use.

Product Colours

We supply our sliding doors in black, white and anthracite grey as standard, but we can offer any bespoke colour option on request.



Anthracite Grey

RAL Colours

23 DOORS – trade supply patio doors expertise

23 DOORS are specialist sliding door manufacturers, providing Europa ESS47 sliding doors for the trade. These designer sliding doors offer impressive appeal for customers wanting a contemporary slider with a minimal frame and offering the maximum amount of glass. Available at fast lead times and great trade prices, your sliding doors comprise fully fabricated door leaves and outer frames, transport sizes permitting. Easy to fit, glaze and adjust, with beads, cills, and add-on extension pieces are provided cut to size. Accompanying your bifold doors is easy to identify component kits and full installation instructions.

Unique soft-close feature

The latest sliding door closing technology provides a soft-close feature, ensuring the door does not slam into its frame at the final closing position. Excellent for ensuring the doors’ best possible closing and final locking and a testament to the incredible design and engineering behind every Europa ESS47 sliding patio door.

A high-end sliding door at an attractive trade price

The 25mm interlock is one of the best features of the ESS47 slider, promising the sought-after minimalist sliding door and a great selling feature for end-user customers. Double or triple tracks are also slimmer front to back than other systems. All profiles are expertly coated with a marine-grade finish providing added durability compared to standard coating, making these doors ideal for more exposed locations, with only routine cleaning required. Trickle vents are easily incorporated in the frame head, meeting current Building Regulations.

Designed for modern living

Every detail of the ESS47 sliding door is designed to work in both replacement door projects and also for new-build openings. High quality aluminium profiles, glass and components, combined with excellent air, wind and water protection make our sliding doors feature-packed for homeowner customers demanding the best possible styling, quality and peace of mind.

Ideal for creating sliding glass walls

With door panels up to an impressive 2.5m wide and up to 2.7m high, Europa ESS47 doors provide exactly the right styling with two panel doors having one and three-panel sliding doors having two desirable thin interlocks. Perfect for creating the look and feel of sliding glass walls. For new build openings, setting the frame into the structure creates a near-frameless overall appearance.

Optional Lift and Slide operation

Choose our lift and slide option and you benefit from the best in innovation and sliding door opening technology. A lift and slide door works via a multifunctional designer door handle. Rotate the handle and watch the door panel rise off its track, ready to slide to the desired position effortlessly. Even better, lift and slide doors come with the option of partially opening the door and setting it back down, also securing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

23 DOORS’S Aluminium expertise helps you get the best doors for your property project. Answers to common questions about sliding doors. Get in touch for further advice or information. We are here to help you.

What are the types of sliding doors?

Modern sliding doors come in several types, depending on the number of panels you want and how you’d like them to slide.  You can get a double track, giving you the option of one door sliding behind a fixed panel or both panels sliding.  A triple track gives you even more flexibility, with two or three panels sliding in either direction, depending on how you configure them. Sliding doors also make great room dividers and can even come in a corner design. 

Are sliding doors a good idea?

Sliding doors are incredibly popular right now because no other door comes with glass sizes as large. With a two panel door, you get just one central mullion, creating a wall of glass. And closed, sliding doors create a bright and spacious room filled with natural daylight. 

Are sliding doors better than bifold doors?

Both sliding and folding doors have their advantages and benefits, depending on your property size and what you would like from your new doors.  Sliding doors give you larger glass sizes and fewer visible mullions but can’t open up the entire aperture like a bifold that slides and folds completely to the sides. Bifold doors have the benefit of coming with a traffic door, letting you use the bifolds closed like a regular door without folding the panels back each time. Sliding doors are great when you have a larger garden or great views.  Bifolds can be better for smaller homes and gardens, making the property feel larger and connected to the outside when fully open. 

Why should I choose the Europa ESS47 sliding doors?

The latest generation sliding door and one of the newest on the market, Europa ESS47 sliding doors suit the replacement of old doors and are perfect for a new extension.  Contemporary in appearance and with a super slim 25mm middle mullion, Europa ESS47 doors are designed for regular or large opening sizes.  They have low U-Values, excellent weather protection and overall security. Two key features are their soft-closing action and also the lift and slide option. Lift and slide doors let you partially open the doors and secure them in the open position. 

Are sliding doors heavy?

Sliding doors should not be heavy when you choose the right product.  With a quality set of rollers and components and good design, even the largest patio doors should be light, smooth and near-silent to open and close. 

Are sliding doors secure?

With multipoint locking security, the doors in several locations, glass secured from the inside and overall good design, such as not being able to prise them off their tracks, sliding doors are secure, dependable and reliable.  Most are also tested to the latest security and weather performance standards for added peace of mind. 

How much is an aluminium sliding door?

The price you pay for your new sliding doors depends on the sizes, colour, handle options, number of panels and other factors.  This is why prices for doors are bespoke.  We can provide a fast quotation for your sliding door requirements. 

What are the problems with sliding doors?

There are no problems with modern sliding doors when properly made and, importantly, correctly fitted. Bad manufacturing and installation cause problems with sliding doors, not the product itself.  Assuming you choose a quality sliding patio door from a reliable manufacturer and installer, these doors will serve you very well for many years.  The only thing to do is make sure the tracks are clean from leaves, grit, stones or other debris.