Bifold door sales have traditionally been the strongest in summer, with more people wanting to open their home to the garden and allow in some of the few weeks of warmth we manage to get, in the UK. This last year, however, we haven’t seen the same spikes and when we talked to some of our installation customers, it was clear that the bifold benefits aren’t just summer loving.

Aluminium is slimmer than some of the traditional materials used in our industry, like timber and PVC-U, resulting in larger glazing areas. This means more light bathing into darker rooms as well as better uninterrupted views of your garden, even in the winter from the warmth of your home.

Our products comply to the latest building regulations, so are exceptionally thermally efficient, ensuring that in winter the heat stays inside. Aluminium is also a very durable material; our doors will not warp or bend once installed correctly, giving you the benefit of years of easy operation and maintenance.